HSP70: Database IDs

Table 1 summarizes the most relevant database IDs of the major stress inducible member of the HSP70 family, Hsp70-1 (HspA1A).

Table 2 provides an overview of UniProt and Gene IDs of various pro- and eukaryotic HSP70s.

Table 1: Human and mouse orthologs of Hsp70-1 (HspA1A)

Human Mouse
Entrez Gene 3303 193740
Ensembl ENSG00000204389 ENSMUSG00000067283
UniProt P08107 Q61696
Reference sequence (mRNA) NM_005345 NM_010479
Reference sequence (Protein) NP_005337 NP_005337
Gene locus Chr 6:31,789,963-31,798,031 Chr 17: 35.11 – 35.11 Mb
Pfam PF00012 PF00012

Table 2: HSP70s of various pro- and eukaryotic organisms

Gene Protein Aliases UniProt ID Gene ID
HSPA1A HspA1A Hsp70-1, Hsp72, HspA1, Hsp70-1a, Hsp70i P08107 3303
HSPA1B HspA1B Hsp70-2, Hsp70-1b P08107 3304
HSPA1L HspA1L Hsp70-1L, Hsp70-hom, Hsp70-1t, Hum70t P34931 3305
HSPA2 HspA2 Hsp70.2 P54652 3306
HSPA5 HspA5 Hsp70-5, BiP, Grp78, Mif-2 P11021 3309
HSPA6 HspA6 Hsp70-6, Hsp70B’ P17066 3310
HSPA7 HspA7 Hsp70-7, Hsp70B P48741 3311
HSPA8 HspA8 Hsp70-8, Hsc70, Hsc71, Hsp71, Hsp73 P11142 3312
HSPA9 HspA9 Hsp70-9, Grp75, HspA9B, MOT, MOT2, PBP74, mot-2, mtHsp70 P38646 3313
HSPA12A HspA12A Hsp70-12A, FLJ13874, KIAA0417 O43301 259217
HSPA12B HspA12B Hsp70-12B, RP23-32L15.1, 2700081N06Rik B7ZLP2 116835
HSPA13 HspA13 Hsp70-13, Stch P48723 6782
HSPA14 HspA14 Hsp70-14, Hsp70L1 Q0VDF9 51182
D. melanogaster
Hsp70Aa Hsp70Aa Hsp70A, HSP70-87A7 P82910 48581
Hsp70Ab Hsp70Ab Hsp70A, HSP70-87A7 P02825 44920
Hsp70Ba Hsp70Ba HSP70-87C1 Q8INI8 44921
Hsp70Bb Hsp70Bb HSP70-87C1 Q9bIS2 48582
Hsp70Bbb Hsp70Bbb HSP70-87C1 Q9VG58 50022
Hsp70Bc Hsp70Bc HSP70-87C1 Q9BIR7 48583
Hsc70-1 Hsc70-1 Hsc1, Hsp70C P29843 39542
Hsc70-2 Hsc70-2 Hsc2, Hsp7087D P11146 41609
Hsc70-4 Hsc70-4 Hsc4, Hsp7088E P11147 41840
Hsp68 Hsp68 CG5436-PA, Hsp68-PA O97125 42852
S. cerevisiae
SSA1 Ssa1 Ssa1p, HspSSA1, HspYG100 P10591 851259
SSA2 Ssa2 Ssa1p, HspSSA2 P10592 850636
SSA3 Ssa3 Ssa3p, HspSSA3 P09435 852203
SSA4 Ssa4 Ssa4p, HspSSA4 P22202 856840
SSB1 Ssb1 Ssb1p, HspSSB1, cold-inducible protein YG101 P11484 851369
SSB2 Ssb2 Ssb2p, HspSSB2 P40150 855512
SSZ1 Ssz1 Ssz1p, Ribosome-associated complex subunit SSZ1, DnaK-related protein SSZ1, Hsp70 homolog SSZ1, pleiotropic drug resistance protein 13 P38788 856461
SSC1 Ssc1 Ssc1p, mtHSP70 P0CS90 853503
A. thaliana
MED37E AtHsp70-1 AtHsc70-1, Hsp70-1 P22953 831020
MED37D AtHsp70-2 AtHsc70-2, Hsp70-2 P22954 831856
HSP70-3 AtHsp70-3 AtHsc70-3, Hsp70-3 O65719 820102
MED37C AtHsp70-4 AtHsc70-4, Hsp70-4 Q9LHA8 820438
HSP70-5 AtHsp70-5 AtHsc70-5, Hsp70-5 Q9S9N1 838174
HSP70-6 AtHsp70-6 cpHsc70-2, Hsp70-6 Q9STW6 828531
HSP70-7 AtHsp70-7 cpHsc70-2, Hsp70-7 Q9LTX9 ?
HSP70-8 AtHsp70-8 Hsp70-8, Hsp70T-2 Q9SKY8 817771
HSP70-9 AtHsp70-9 mtHsc70-1 Q8GUM2 829947
HSP70-10 AtHsp70-10 mtHsc70-2 Q9LDZ0 830818
MED37A AtHsp70-11 Hsp70-11, AtBP1, BiP1, Q9LKR3 832950
MED37F AtHsp70-12 Hsp70-12, AtBP2, BiP2 Q39043 834207
MED37B AtHsp70-13 Hsp70-13,AtBP3, BiP3 Q8H1B3 837429
HSP70-18 AtHsp70-18 Hsp70-18, Hsp70T-1 Q9C7X7 842094
E. coli
dnaK DnaK HSP70, Hsp70, GroPAB, GroPC, GroPF, GrpC, GrpF P0A6Y8 12930526
hscA HscA Hsc66 P0A6Z1 944885
hscC HscC Hsc62 P77319 12934363
C. reinhardtii
HSP70 CrHsp70 HSP70A, Hsp70 P25840 ?